October ORAS/Spooky Shiny Pokemon giveaway 

Hiiii guuuys :D

As Pokemon OR/AS is drawing ever closer as well as Halloween I’ve decided to do dual themed giveaway for this month! Up for grabs you have these shiny pokemon, all with either 5 or 6 perfect IVs.

~ Rules for Entering~

✿There will be two winners, each get to pick between 1 legendary and five other  shiny pokemon of their choice. 

Reblogging and liking counts as an entry. You do not have to be following me to enter. However, feel free to follow if you would like participate in future giveaways and check out my regular Pokemon and other gaming related posts.

One reblog per person so it’s fair for everyone. 

✿You’ll need a working 3DS/2DS, Pokemon X or Y, and an internet connection to receive your Pokemon. 

PLEASE make sure that your ask box is open so I can contact you. If I am unable to contact the winner then an alternative will be chosen. The winner will be selected at random on the 29th October

✿The winners will have a maximum of one week after being drawn to claim their shiny Pokemon. 

Good luck to everyone and thanks for taking part!


AH…A BIG POST OF DENBY & CO BEFORE I SLEEP….just misc doodles from twitter and my side, i dont think any are reposts here except for one that was an ask answer…

please enjoy all of these beans!!! ;v;